Find a Medicare FMO Focused on Your Bottom Line

Find a Medicare FMO Focused on Your Bottom Line

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As a Medicare broker, your commissions matter when evaluating Field Marketing Organizations. While CMS sets maximum Medicare Advantage and Part D commission rates annually, carriers aren’t required to pay them. Some FMOs take a cut of your commissions before paying you, reducing what actually reaches your bottom line.

At TMS, we believe brokers deserve access to the maximum commissions allowed through your own carrier contracts. That’s why we never take a percentage of your commissions. We earn administrative fees from carriers to provide you resources and support.

When exploring Medicare FMOs, ask:

  • Do they guarantee carriers will pay maximum CMS commission rates so you earn the most from each sale? Some take a percentage first, so less reaches you.
  • How are they compensated? FMOs should be paid through carrier administrative fees, not taking a share of your commission dollars. Your commissions should go straight to you; be wary of any FMO taking a cut.
  • Do they represent most major Medicare Advantage and Part D carriers in your area? Diverse carrier access means the ability to choose companies paying the most while still matching clients to the best plan for their needs.
  • What level of compliance support do they offer? Choosing an FMO with expertise in CMS regulations helps avoid issues impacting your book of business or contract. Non-compliance risks your livelihood; partner with a commitment to ethics.
  • Do they provide resources on lead generation, marketing, and sales? Look for extensive training programs, tools, and support enabling you to grow your Medicare business through an FMO invested in your success.

Your commissions and business success depend on choosing a Medicare FMO strategically. At TMS, we believe brokers prosper when paid fully and fairly for the value they provide. An FMO should empower, not diminish, your opportunity to help clients in a way that compensates you accordingly.

Talk to us today at 210-908-6565—we’re committed to helping brokers achieve goals and gain confidence through an FMO partnership focused on your priorities. Together, let’s build a Medicare business earning you the rewards you deserve. Our support, and your success—that’s the bottom line.