What makes TMS Insurance Brokerage different from other General Agencies and FMO’s?

TMS Insurance Brokerage is an agency started by an insurance agent.  Our goal has always been to help agents become independently successful while feeling like part of a team.  We provide training and assistance to help you become successful without a lot of oversight and goals.

What are my costs to be affiliated with TMS Insurance Brokerage?
We are paid directly by the insurance company so there is never a cost to do business with us.  You are responsible for a few out of pocket costs to run your own business like E&O insurance and occasionally state appointment fees with various carriers.

How many carriers do you contract with?
Currently we contract with Humana, United Healthcare, Amerigroup, Aetna, Cigna and BlueCross Blue Shield.  Not everyone will get appointed with all the companies but we have the contracts to help our agents work with the plans that serve the service area that they live in.

What if I find a carrier I want to work with, but you don’t offer that contract?
Please call us first.  We are always working to increase the amount of plans we work with but if you find one we do not work with, you are free to work with another FMO.

I hear that Medicare Insurance is a very lucrative business right now. Why is that?
It is estimated that there are 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day.  Our goal is have enough agents to help them choose the right plan.

I’ve heard that you can only sell Medicare plans for a few months a year, what happens the rest of the year? 

For Medicare Supplements, there is no annual enrollment period.  People on Medicare can change their supplement at any time as long as they pass underwriting.

It is true that there is an Annual Enrollment Period that runs from October 15th – December 7th, however, there are many special circumstances that allow Medicare Beneficiaries to change their plan at any time of the year.  (ie.  Low Income Subsidy, Eligible for Medicaid, Losing Employer coverage and many others).   If agents are marketing themselves correctly, they can help Medicare Beneficiaries all year long.

I am an independent agent and want to remain one, is that possible?
Of course, all of our agents are independent.  Our goal is to assist the agents in their independence and help them be more successful.

I have an existing agency and would like to add Medicare products to my portfolio?
We would love to help you add this line of business to your portfolio.  We can train you and any of your agents on how to sell these plans compliantly.

How is commission paid?
In most cases you are paid directly by the carrier.  TMS Insurance Brokerage will never intercept your commissions before paying you.

Do you provide leads?
We provide training and marketing support.  If you’d like to participate in a leads program, we can help pay for a portion of that for agents who perform regularly but the way we make agents succesful is with training.  We show you how to market and how to work community events.  We will teach you how to become a successful Medicare Insurance Agent.

During the Medicare Open Enrollment periods there will be some lead support available.  The amount of leads vary every year.