Choosing the Right medicare FMO

The Key to Medicare Sales Success: Choosing the Right FMO

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As a Medicare insurance agent, partnering with the right Field Marketing Organization (FMO) can make or break your business. The FMO you work with provides the carrier relationships, tools, training, and support that fuel your sales and help you serve more Medicare clients. But not all FMOs are created equal. How do you choose an FMO that will propel you to success?

Consider Their Carrier Relationships

The number and quality of an FMO’s carrier relationships determine your product offerings and earning potential. Look for an FMO that represents top national carriers like Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare as well as strong regional carriers. More carrier choice means more options to meet your clients’ needs. It also provides stability in case a carrier relationship changes.

Review Their Resources and Support

A knowledgeable, supportive FMO makes a world of difference. Look for an FMO that provides the following:

  • Compliance and licensing guidance to ensure you stay current with legal requirements
  • Ongoing Medicare and product training so you can properly educate and advise your clients
  • Marketing and lead generation support to help fuel your sales pipeline
  • Responsive service is available when you have questions or need assistance enrolling a client

Consider Their Vision and Values

Choose an FMO with a growth mindset that values their agents’ success. Look for a collaborative “we’re in this together” culture vs. a purely profit-driven one. The FMO you partner with should work hard to achieve win-win relationships with carriers on your behalf and have a track record of stability and success.

Think Local – The Personal Touch Matters

While national FMOs provide advantages, local FMOs offer a personal, customized touch. They understand your regional market and can tailor their carrier relationships, tools, and support to match local consumer needs. With local organizations like Texas Medicare Solutions, you get national FMO-caliber resources blended with localized care and support.

Ready to accelerate your Medicare sales success? A partnership with the right Medicare FMO can fast-track your growth and ensure you have the backing to serve your clients well for years to come.

Do some research to find an FMO that will support you as a true partner in business and success. Your business will thrive when you join forces with an FMO as dedicated to your success and client service as you are.